France: A Photographic Journey

I made this video a while back with photos I took during my travels in southern France.  The area is incredibly beautiful and I had so many photos that I wanted a way to share a lot of them at once so I put them together in this video.  The music playing is by the band Hypercell, fronted by the very talented J.Lynn Johnston.

The Land Of The Monarch

Monarch butterfly, that is.  This photo was taken at a monarch butterfly reserve in the state of Michoacan, Mexico.  When you arrive at the entrance of the reserve there are virtually no butterflies around.  A guide accompanied us into the reserve and led us along a trail which we followed through the woods.  After 20-30 minutes of hiking we arrived at a large open meadow with butterflies flying everywhere.  I excitedly pulled out my camera and started taking pictures.  Our guide, who only spoke Spanish, which I do not speak, insisted that we keep moving.  He said (or so I’m told) that we needed to keep moving, that we were wasting our time here and that we should keep moving until we get to the good area. I was hesitant to move on so quickly because it was so beautiful.  However, we continued hiking and a while longer arrived at our destination.  I was amazed, as you can see from the picture below the air was thick with butterflies and the trees and shrubs were covered in them as well.  There were more trails which continued deeper into the reserve. They were off limits because the ground was literally covered in butterflies, no dirt to be seen, just a covering of black and orange.

Monarch butterlies flying through the sky and covering the trees and shrubs

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