Tyra Banks Eat Your Heart Out


Completely unrelated to the topic of photography but relevant since I spent my entire day packing.  I’ve moved far too many times in the past few years, can’t really complain because it has allowed me to see a lot of really amazing places during that time.  However, it doesn’t change the fact that packing up all of your belongings and moving them to a new location is not a fun process.  The only upside is that it forces you to really think about all of your belongings and if you really need them or not.  I’m happy to say the garbage can is full of things that it was past time for me to get rid of and it feels good, but I still have way too much stuff.

The Baths

This amazing place is located on the island Virgin Gorda (which translates to fat virgin, for those not fluent in Spanish), part of the British Virgin Islands.  The Baths is a beach which is littered with massive boulders, which form natural grottoes, arches, and tunnels.  It is a truly spectacular sight, almost as if it is something out of this world.  The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover was shot at The Baths several years ago, not in the exact location of this photo as that location was overrun with people taking photos when we were there.

Photo taken between two large boulders at The Baths in the British Virgin Islands

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