Arrival In Lauterbrunnen

Last August we spent a week and a half traveling in Europe, starting in Italy, then to Switzerland, and finally finishing in France.  We decided to spend our 4 days in Switzerland staying in the Bernese Oberland region instead of moving from place to place so that we could minimize our time sitting on trains (though the Swiss train system is excellent) and maximize our time out on the trails enjoying the incredible beauty of the region.  We arrived in Lauterbrunnen, a small village down in the valley with the peaks of the Swiss Alps rising up above on either side.  The high cliffs on either side of the valley were covered with many waterfalls and the grass and other plants in the valley were extremely green.  We hadn’t walked more than a minute from the train station (dragging our overly heavy luggage, also seen in the picture) when we had to stop and take in the picturesque view; the charming buildings of the main street of the town with the cliff rising sharply from the valley below, a waterfall plummeting down the face of the cliff.  Photos just can’t capture how awe inspiring the landscape in the region is but that didn’t stop me from trying.

Photo taken upon our arrival at the small town of Lauterbrunnen with a waterfall in the background

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