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Moving In

I moved into a new place today and it’s a bit strange having no internet access, no cable tv, no furniture, basically nothing.  Kind of a strange feeling starting completely new, but strange in a good way.  Anyway, I found just enough internet to post tonight.

Delicious Dessert

This photo is from Portofino restaurant, found on many of Royal Caribbean’s ships.  Portofino is a fine Italian restaurant (hence the name, after the small town in northern Italy) which serves delicious appetizers, main courses, and desserts.  My favorite of the desserts was this sampler which included miniature versions of most of the options of the dessert menu.  It was not only a visually appealing dessert, as you can see, but was delightful on the taste buds as well, providing a variety of decadent flavors, from the flour-less chocolate cake to the classic tiramisu.

Plate with four miniature desserts on it

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Caribbean Sunset

Great Photo I Didn’t Take

Trey Ratcliff posted this photo on his blog yesterday.  The photo is an excellent example of HDR photography and how it can be used to make a great sunset photograph with the elements of the foreground properly exposed.  Trey consistently posts excellent photos on his website so I recommend checking it out regularly.

Sunset Over The Caribbean

This photo was taken a couple years ago, before I had heard of HDR.  We were out in the middle of the ocean at the time and like often happens in the Caribbean, there was an amazing sunset.  The clouds in the sky looked like they were on fire.

Caribbean Sunset

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