US Virgin Islands

Diving Down

Snorkeling With Sea Turtles

This photo was taken at Turtle Cove, a region where sea turtles are naturally abundant near Buck Island.  Buck Island is a small uninhabited island which a few miles off the coast of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.  The water is fairly deep here, I’d guess 30 or 40 feet deep.  The turtles spend most of their time down on the bottom but every couple minutes one of them would swim up to the surface, get a fresh supply of oxygen, then dive back down to the bottom.  We took our excursion to Turtle Cove on the mighty Doubloon and had an amazing time.  The area had great snorkeling beyond just the sea turtles, there were lots of colorful fish and a few sting rays to be seen, but without a doubt the highlight was watching the turtles as they ascended to the surface then dove back down seconds later.

Sea turtle diving down from the surface, taken at Turtle Cove in the US Virgin Islands

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