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Windy Road And The Fall Colors

Panoramic Photos

I got my first digital camera about five years ago, an Olympus Stylus 1030SW, and began my journey into the world of digital photography.  One of the features this camera had was the ability to do panoramic photos in camera, which I thought was really cool, until they almost never worked properly and came out with a horizon that didn’t match up and all kinds of weirdness in the photos.  Eventually, I learned to take them as separate photos in camera and combine them on the computer and the results improved.  As I’ve gotten better with my photography I’ve started taking less of these photos because they usually don’t turn out with results that I like.  Occasionally I do get one that I really like however, and those occasional successes usually make for an interesting photo.

Door County Fall Colors

I took this photo a few years ago in Door County, Wisconsin.  It was a beautiful October day and the fall colors were at their height.  We stopped along this curvy road to take pictures and while standing on the opposite side of the road I realized that it may make for an interesting photo with the road on either side of the photo and the car in the middle.  The processing to combine the photos gave the photo an interesting effect, not exactly what it looked like from the perspective I took the photo from but capturing the feel of the scene well.


Photo of a windy road in Door County, Wisconsin taken during October when the fall colors were at their peak

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Back On The Grid

After a couple weeks without home internet access, I’m finally online again.  We got our internet hooked up this morning and so far the results have actually been faster than the advertised speeds.  We’ll see if it lasts but so far I’m quite pleased.

Walking The Walls Of Lucca

This photo was taken in Lucca, Italy.  Lucca is a charming small town, located near Pisa.  While Pisa is known for it’s leaning tower, Lucca actually has several towers, including a couple you can climb.  The old town is located within the city walls, which were built hundreds of years ago for protection.  The walls still remain but instead of providing protection as they did ages ago, the top is covered by a walking/biking path which is lined with trees on either side.  It makes for a very pleasant walk with some excellent views along the way.

Looking down the biking trail located on top of the walls surrounding the old town of Lucca, Italy

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