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If Only McDonald’s Here Was Like This

The photo below is from the McDonald’s located in the shopping center next to the cathedral in Milan, Italy.  You’re probably wondering why I would be posting a photo of the McDonald’s instead of the cathedral (which will be coming later, the cathedral is extremely impressive) but once you look at the dessert display you can understand why.  I’ve never seen a McDonald’s quite like it, when I usually hear McDonald’s I’m thinking greasy burgers and salty fries, not delicious looking croissants, cheesecake, and gigantic muffins.  On top of that, the building the McDonald’s was in was very fancy looking, only adding to the strangeness of seeing the common fast food restaurant in a not so ordinary way.  Maybe if the McDonald’s here looked more like this, I might actually go there once in a while.

A photo of the dessert display in Milan, Italy, showcasing delicious looking croissants, cheesecake, and more.

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