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Inside Montserrat

Stained Glass Windows

Until I traveled to Europe I never really had an appreciation for how impressive the inside of churches are.  However, after seeing the many amazing cathedrals and churches all over Europe, I enjoy churches of all sizes, both for their amazing artwork and wonderful architecture.  In particular, I enjoy stained glass windows, each telling its own story and the vibe created by sunlight flowing in through the colored glass.

Stained Glass Of Montserrat

This stained glass window is located inside the church at Montserrat, a monastery located up in the mountains north of Barcelona.  The inside of the church is quite impressive and the surrounding scenery is beautiful.  The day we were visiting was a Sunday and we arrived shortly before the church service was starting so there was not much time to take pictures but I did manage to get this shot of one of the stained glass windows inside the church.

Stained glass window inside the church at Montserrat


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