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Watching Tourists Hike Silvestri Crater

Mount Etna

Mount Etna is located on the island of Sicily.  It is the largest active volcano in Europe and is an awe inspiring sight.  I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the volcano twice, both on day excursions.  The second visit was in the summer of 2011, two days after the volcano had erupted.  The road winding up the volcano was still dusted in volcanic ash which had coated the entire area.  The massive volcano has many craters, both active and extinct.  The view looking down is also impressive, of the Italian towns below and the Mediterranean Sea beyond them.

Looking Down At Silvestri Crater

Silvestri Crater is a popular stop on excursions visiting Mount Etna.  Each bus stops in front of the crater, tourists make their way out and circle around the crater.  It’s understandable why it is so popular, not only is the hike very easy but the views are great and can be done fairly quickly.  Having hiked around (and down into) Silvestri Crater during my previous trip to Mount Etna, I decided instead to hike up to the higher crater on the other side of the road.  It was a much longer trip and I didn’t have much time so I was literally running up and down the mountain, and I was about ready to collapse by the time I got back to the bus.  It was well worth it, however, as the view looking down to Silvestri Crater was beautiful, as was the landscape facing the opposite direction, which was not visible from below.

Looking down at Silvestri Crater from the top of a larger crater up above

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