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Fluffy Clouds In The Sky


It’s amazing how the clouds in the sky can make such a difference in the quality of a photo.  A cloudy day with a completely overcast sky, not so interesting.  An all blue sky, while it may make for a wonderful warm sunny day, also not that interesting.  In between is the perfect mix, some clouds and some blue sky.  Interesting shapes and patterns in the sky make for so much more interesting of a photo.  Sunset photos especially benefit from interesting cloud formations in the sky as they’re lit up by the sun as it disappears below the horizon.  Sadly, we can’t control what the clouds in the sky look like, however if you pay attention to the sky you’ll know when great photos will be appearing before you.  For example, when I took this photo of the sunset in Siena I knew it was going to be a wonderful sunset and was literally running back to the location to make sure I didn’t miss it because I had seen earlier in the day that the clouds in the sky and where the sun was going to be setting was going to make for a wonderful sight.

Towers Of San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a small medieval town in the Tuscany region of Italy.  The town is famous for its towers, which numbered around 70 at its peak many years ago.  Just over a dozen remain and they dominate the skyline of the town.  The day we were there was absolutely beautiful and the clouds provided an excellent backdrop for this shot that I got from the edge of town.

Towers of San Gimignano, a small medieval town in Tuscany.

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Back On The Grid

After a couple weeks without home internet access, I’m finally online again.  We got our internet hooked up this morning and so far the results have actually been faster than the advertised speeds.  We’ll see if it lasts but so far I’m quite pleased.

Walking The Walls Of Lucca

This photo was taken in Lucca, Italy.  Lucca is a charming small town, located near Pisa.  While Pisa is known for it’s leaning tower, Lucca actually has several towers, including a couple you can climb.  The old town is located within the city walls, which were built hundreds of years ago for protection.  The walls still remain but instead of providing protection as they did ages ago, the top is covered by a walking/biking path which is lined with trees on either side.  It makes for a very pleasant walk with some excellent views along the way.

Looking down the biking trail located on top of the walls surrounding the old town of Lucca, Italy

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