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Cracks In The Ice

Tripods And Remote Controls

When most people talk camera gear they focus on cameras and lenses, both of which are are perfectly fine, who doesn’t want a nice camera and a good set of lenses to put on it?  There are plenty of accessories to help your photography, two in particular I’ve found helpful.  The first is a tripod.  Many pros will claim that you should buy an expensive tripod, but if you’re just an enthusiast like me, a fairly inexpensive tripod will probably do.  I purchased this Dolica tripod back in 2010 and have been very happy with it, the tripod is fairly light, sturdy enough for everything I use it for without any problems.  For some, investing in a more expensive tripod may be a good choice but for the occasional self-portrait shots and night photography, a decently reviewed less expensive tripod will probably do.  The second accessory I have found useful, and also very inexpensive, is a wireless remote.  I bought the official Canon remote which has served me quite well, both for triggering the camera while it is on a tripod for longer exposure shots so that there isn’t any movement from pressing down the button on the camera, and also for taking portraits when there is no one else around to take a picture for us.  Sure, there is the auto-timer in the camera but taking multiple photos that way consumes more time and this way you know exactly when the camera is going to go off.

Stepping Onto The Frozen Lake

This photo was taken in December, a little early in the winter to be out on the ice but there had been a stretch of cold weather so the ice seemed solid and we stayed close to shore, just to be safe.  It was a nice sunny day and as you can see there were many large cracks in the ice which would probably make people not so familiar with being out on the ice a little nervous.  The camera was set up on the tripod but not using the remote since I figured holding her and trying to press the button at the same time wasn’t the greatest idea.

Standing on frozen Rice Lake, located in northwestern Wisconsin

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Internet Free

Missed A Day

Sadly, yesterday was the first day of the year that I missed posting a photo here.  I actually had no internet access for the entire day, the first time in quite some time that has happened.  Anyway, I’m back and planning to get back to posting every day.

Early Snow

This photo was taken in early October of 2009.  Getting snow this early is extremely rare in Wisconsin and the snow came down hard and in large snowflakes.  As you can see the grass on the ground was still green and all of the trees still had their leaves, some of which hadn’t even started changing colors yet.  Since it was such a rare occasion I decided to take pictures of the trees around the neighborhood.  It didn’t take long for the snow to melt but it looked quite nice while it lasted.

Tree covered by early snow

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Waterfalls and Fall Colors

Close To Home

It’s easy to look at all of the photos that are posted on the internet and feel like there just aren’t great photo opportunities near where you are like there are in New Zealand, Iceland, Switzerland, Hawaii, etc., etc., etc.  While I love traveling and the great photographic opportunities it provides, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of great photographic opportunities close to home, probably some that have been hiding close to home that you’ve never known about.  So, the next time you’re looking at a photographer’s blog and wishing you could travel to wherever their pictures are from, don’t forget that there are plenty of great photographs to be taken wherever you are, you just need to find them.

Copper Falls

The photo below was taken at Copper Falls State Park in northern Wisconsin this past September.  It is a perfect example of the above paragraph, I had lived within two hours of this state park for 25 years and never visited the park.  The park provided great hiking trails, some wonderful photo opportunities, and they were having an open house so there was even free apple cider and cookies.  As you can see from the photo, we visited the park about a week before the fall colors hit their peak but there was still enough color to make everything look nice.  I used a longer exposure (1/10 sec.) since I love the look it gives waterfalls, might have tried an even longer exposure but there was not a good place near the river to set up a tripod.

Waterfall at Copper Falls State Park in northern Wisconsin

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